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Dream: Pockets [16 Nov 2015|02:11pm]
I woke up more than a little unsettled.

My dream was the sort that makes more sense as you sit and reflect on it. Where the parts come together to create a cohesive story.

The start was your typical end-of-the-world scenario. People were scrambling into their cars in a panic and speeding away. As far as I could see, nothing was visibly wrong around us. I was with a group, but exactly who they were wasn’t clear to me. At a later point I was with my brother so I can only imagine he was one of them originally.

As one of the cars drives off onto the road, I see the world ahead of it shimmer and blur. As the car passes through the area, it vanished. It popped out of existence. It vanished like falling through a black hole. Again and again, as cars drove away, they disappeared. There were multiple ‘pockets’ that only became visible as the cars began to pass through them. Otherwise we could see nothing wrong.

I don’t know when it happened, but eventually me and the majority of my group passed through one of these openings. We showed up on the other side in another place. There was nothing strikingly different about the ‘new’ world. We didn’t know where we were. As we looked around our group, I saw that one of our group (a tall, muscular blonde man) was missing one of his hands. But even more eerie, he had it attached to the skin of his shoulder. And looking at his face, he was missing a large chunk of flesh and muscle from the top of his ear torn downward, exposing the bones of his jaw.

Immediately we knew something was wrong. He was still alive. He was still capable of moving, but he’d come out misconstructed. The rest of us looked okay, but my brother wasn’t with me. This became my source of panic for the rest of the dream. How could I find him without risking him passing across and something going wrong?

My group was standing in a grassy yard outside a beat up looking house. There was a short, chain-link fence and the grass around us was sparse and patched with yellow. The garage was open so we headed inside to look around. People appeared so we ducked behind the furniture. I don’t know what happened next. Eventually we were inside, with permission or not. We became aware of a space behind one of the chairs inside with the same sort of ‘portal’. I became aware of my brother trying to find me on the other side. I was adamant about him not crossing over.
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<3 [18 Oct 2014|10:44am]

I'm happy to add anybody if they're interested in reading. <3

If, however, you're the kind of person that is irked about someone actually speaking from the heart, talking a lot about themselves and/or complaining/letting it all out, please don't request to be added. I'm tired of getting complaints from people reading MY journal. Bugger off.

I was scared and unaware of what your touch might do
I tried to fight it, couldn't hide it, I was falling for you
But I lose control and I don't know if I can do this
Because everytime I'm near you
Well, I just feel so helpless
I try to leave but something brings me closer to you

I fall in love a little more each day
'Cause I don't have the strength to stay away so
Tonight I know, Tonight I know
Tonight I know,
I've never been so sure about a single thing before
Tonight I know
Tonight I know

Tonight I know ~ Chester See
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[03 Jun 2014|12:04am]
I’m going to just come out and say it; I have gained a shit ton of weight since moving to Washington.

I have been struggling with my physical appearance more than I ever have in my entire life.

My weight. My body. My figure. My features.

I have never been especially confident, but I have been lucky not to have experienced these sorts of feelings in the past.

I feel a monster in human skin. I feel hideous and uncomfortable. I have been struggling with my clothing. I keep adjusting and pulling, trying to find some balance and comfort. I have thrown away half of my entire closet because nothing fits (or at least doesn’t in my head). I keep assuring myself that I’ve had these clothes for years so it was time I tossed them out anyhow.

When I was in Middle School, a girl called me out on top of the bleachers for having legs hairier than some guy in our school. It might be ridiculous, but those kinds of things stick with you. I could probably count the days I've worn shorts and skirts since then. I even remember her name (Amber Alexander, if you're curious)!

It might seem a non sequitur, but the way I've felt about my legs for the past... 16 years of my life is the way I presently feel about my entire body. I cannot sit, or move without feeling some part of my skin that feels disgusting.

Gross. Wrong.
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Stepping stones [24 Jul 2013|12:19am]
I started working at a petshop. I have worked two years as a veterinary assistant. I dabbled with a travelling petting zoo, have completed a wildlife rehabilitation internship, cared for dogs at the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society, raised rats for eight years and am now volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Kent, WA.

I've been envied by friends for years for "knowing what I want in life". I wonder how many people realize that I have absolutely no clue what i'm doing. I love animals. I want to work to improve their quality of life, but I think my dreams, my goals are much bigger than what is actually possible. I was inspired by my conservation classes in college and have found no greater sense of fulfillment than I did during my time with the Lindsey Wildlife Museum (despite earning $0.00).

Unfortunately, the only people who seem interested in hiring me are Veterinary clinics and after two years, I know that's not quite my cup of tea.

I finally felt like I narrowed things down to wildlife rehab and/or zoos and while I will not stop applying, volunteering and trying, I don't know how realistic that is. The first question zoos and aquariums ask is whether or not you have five years experience. Problem is - you can't get the experience if nobody hires you. I wanted to volunteer with the Woodland Park Zoo in Washington, but they've closed ALL volunteer opportunities for 2013. That is absolutely correct. I cannot donate my time and work for FREE because it is that competitive. When I called back about a zookeeper job in CA, I was honestly told that they had hundreds of applications and some people had 10+ years experience. I have never even had the opportunity to get my foot in the door (though i'll freely admit a good fault of that is my own).

I signed up to volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium. I have my volunteer position at the wildlife rehabilitation center (though that's a story on its own) and I've had three interviews, one working and another working interview tomorrow.

My dad said something I found interesting; "The internship is just a stepping stone. Just don't want too many stepping stones to find something that satisfies you."

I'm trying.
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Another big change [18 Jul 2013|02:52am]
I moved to Seattle, WA.

Upon accepting a wildlife rehabilitation internship in Washington and dating the Matthew previously mentioned, I decided to move to Seattle. There were a whole lot of reasons pushing me to do it and a whole lot of people holding me back. It was a process to communicate this decision with my parents and friends, but I think overall I made the best decision that I could for myself. I am young, without attachments to a house, or serious job and I have never lived anywhere outside of California. The couple weeks I had visited Seattle before had only been enjoyable and I thought it was time for something new - another change.

I'm living in an old, and adorable, little two bedroom second floor apartment on top of a hill in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. We're in the heart of the city and walking distance to downtown. We can bike or bus to Pike Place Market or the aquarium and aren't far from all the other tourist attractions (like the Needle!). I still have yet to see a drag or burlesque show. I gotta get on that. Photos upcoming now that I've found my camera.

The minimum duration of the internship is 3 months, though I can't say for certain how long i'll be sticking around. When I left there was talk about 6 months, but I imagine it is all dependent on how tolerable Seattle winter is. 2 weeks in and I have only experienced a couple raindrops. The weather has actually been incredible. Hot, but not painfully so. The California native in me doesn't want to let go of her flippy floppies so i'm glad that weather permits.

This is, perhaps, the biggest change I've made in my life and i'm appreciative to all my friends who have stuck around and been supportive. I miss the crap out of you guys.
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[23 Sep 2010|09:13pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Where have I been?

David and I moved to Walnut Creek. A nice one bedroom apartment with a massive livingroom and four giant closets for storage. Our first day there Cosmo peed in our bedroom and ripped up the carpet. There goes my entire pet deposit. Sometimes I wonder why I love my cats so much... Since he's pooped, peed, vomited, torn and hacked up hairballs on the carpet. I am investing in a relatively cheap small, steam cleaner very quickly before I owe the apartment additional money. I really hope the entire deposit isn't gone. I am crossing my fingers that they use patches instead of replacing the entire thing.

So, why Walnut Creek? Well. I had no job, David works in Richmond and my mom and potential job at Village Petshop was in Livermore. Walnut Creek is in the middle of the bay and ideally halfway between David's job and my hypothetical future job. Weeeelll, it didn't quite work out that way, but it was a good try none the less. For the past couple months i've been looking around for jobs, but haven't seriously revamped my cover letter or sent out applications. I sent out one to Michaels and one to PetCo. During this last month, however, I began seriously searching and I worked on my coverletter, heavily improved by David, and found a couple labratory and vet assistant jobs. While I was away on vacation, David did me the favor of sending out my info to 2 lab jobs. No luck or response, but when I got back I sent out 2 to vet assistant positions. 45 minutes after I sent my e-mail, I received a phone call. I had been working on so many things at once I didn't realise who they were at first. Turns out a vet clinic in Milpitas was really interested in me and I had an interview. The interview went smooothly and I got a working interview. After my working interview this Monday, I was hired! I am now a vet assistant at Parktown Veterinary Clinic.

This past week has been a lot of crazy long commutes and rides from David and James. I wouldn't have gotten my job without their help and support. The commute is about an hour a day, but the job is really enjoyable so far and has quite a few benefits, once I pass the 3 month probationary period. I've told them i'm interested in advancing to vet tech and I want to learn and gain experience. They were very adament that they would teach me all they could and I could advance even without certification. If some of my units from Davis transfer over, I may apply to get my vet tech certification. With 30 transferable units I may be able to complete it in one year, or 2 years taking very few classes at a time. Not sure how full time work and school can coexist.

Working in Milpitas is sort of a bummer though because of the commute. We were lucky to get only a 6 month lease in Walnut Creek so we might be looking for somewhere else to move afterwards. I am leaning again towards Livermore because i'm biased. We'll see what happens...

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Brasil Trip: Farrol & Cute guys [20 Jul 2009|03:18pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]


I stayed up way too late the night earlier to finish the absurd vampire book. The 1-2 wererat, 1-2 satyrs really completed it. Another book done. Another weak ending. Sheesh.

We went to the mall again. I feel like such a little kid, but I LOVE my tutti fruiti bubble gum. Afterwards we went to the Farrol do barra, a huge black and white striped light house. We checked out the museum and walked along the beach. It was a gorgeous day today and we took lots of photos.

One of the things Jen asked for was a photo of an attractive Brasilian. I told her how I had no idea how to discretely take a photo of one. My mom knew about Jens request so when we got coconut water from an attractive young guy, my mom says -hes cute!- in portuguess. She explained to him that my friend wanted a photo. I DIED of embarassment, took the photo and sped off. The guy posed and laughed. It was pretty hillarious.

The day before when we were at the market my mom was talking to this young guy while I just stood aside and waited. She explained how she was from Bahia and we were her children from the US. I think he thought I didnt understand portuguess because he told my mom how cute he thought I was. I turned red, said thanks and he was so embarassed. He totally laughed and I only turned brighter red. Camaron, camaron. Totally expecting Dans -I will kill them- comment.

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Brasil Trip: Mercado Modello & St Francis Church [20 Jul 2009|02:42pm]
[ mood | excited ]


I am an IDIOT. Not once yesterday did I think maybe all my stomach pain was CRAMPS! Haha. Nothing serious. 2 advil later an I am feeling much better. Period and dehydration must have made it extra fun.

Mom had lots of plans for today. She wanted to keep Eric busy and entertained so he would stop complaining. We took a taxi to Pelourinho and were going to the mercado modello, which is a huge indoor market with tons of awesome things. It is a huge tourist attraction, but fun nonetheless. Perfect for finding gifts! <3

After we already paid for the taxi and were there, Eric starts complaining that he did not want to go, that we dragged him out of the house AND that his stomach is hurting. My mom actually paid for ANOTHER taxi to go back, drop him off and then come back again. Waste of 30 reals. I cannot believe my brother. He can be so selfish sometimes.

Mom and I came back and went to visit the church of Saint Francis, which my mom called the Golden Church. The building was so antique and gorgeous. We could only take photos outside, but I managed to take a short video inside. Inside was overwhelming. Every tiny detail was painted with real gold. There were such intricate patterns and gorgeous paintings on the arched ceiling. Even for someone not religious, it was breath taking. I am excited to show Dan the video. You had to pay to get in, but the fee goes towards restoring a lot of the old artwork. The church was built in 1749.

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Brasil Trip [13 Jul 2009|06:39pm]
[ mood | sick ]


Woke up feeling HORRIBLE. I am starting to think I am really sick. I woke up at 4am and slept 30 min - 1 hour every hour after, waking repeatedly. Really bad nausea. I feel dehydrated. Ugh.

Eric and mom went to the zoo and I am super bummed I missed that. I tried to get ready and go with them, but the nausea did not go away at all. The ocelots were mating and the bears were really active! It is a rare day at any zoo to see the animals doing ANYTHING. We´ll be going again and hopefully I will see something cool. If not, we at least have a couple blurry photos of ocelot sex. Ha ha.

I finished Wheel of Time. I have mixed feelings. I loved the world he created and the characters in it, but I get a bit annoyed at his writing style. I was not a fan of the ending. Too fast and anticlimatic. I want to go back and write down a bunch of things I think will be important for the rest of the series. The first book felt like a really long introduction or a prequel. The story is just beginning and this book was like a teaser, preparing the reader for the real thing.

Also, 100 pages into an absurd vampire book. She sees and talks with ghosts, was raised by vampires and can do magic. I am usually a huge fan of very fantasy writing, but this is too many ideas put together AWFULLY. The random sex scenes are sort of awkward too.

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Brasil Trip [13 Jul 2009|06:31pm]
[ mood | geeky ]


So Eric and I have been fighting some sort of allergy or cold since the island and tonight I finally feel a bit better. I am sure getting the right medicine helped. Mom spoke with the pharmacist and apparently people can develop an allergy to the fireworks. Most commonly children. I have had nasal congestion and a sore throat. Unable to smell or taste. What a curse in Brasil! I was glad to find taste coming back by lunch today.

We started the day late, but still did a lot today. We wenht out to Tia Janes and had cocido. Tons of vegetables and some meat. You squish all the veggies together and eat them sort of like baby food. Mmm. So yummy. I need to make it when I get back to Davis. Lauren would love it. <3 Uncle Dan was there and gave Tia Jane a phone that you plug into the computer. For $20 a year it gets unlimited calls to the US. But it doesn´t know it is in Brasil so my aunt can call anybody in the US for super cheap now. We called my dad, aunt and Dan! Oh, wow. I rambled so much. It was SO good to hear his voice and geek out about WoT.

Aferwards we went to the mall and just walked around. I got something for Dan and myself! I think he will be super excited. Really good price. On our way back, mom dropped Eric and I off at the lan house and we spent an hour there. This is the life. Brasil AND friends. I want them to come next time. That would be awesome. I have Villas! Mom is going to stop renting it out!

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Brasil Trip [09 Jul 2009|02:50pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]


While I enjoyed the island, I am really glad we came back. Family was starting to fall apart at the end. Eric was not happy, I was unknowingly upsetting my family by reading my book and mom was filled with anxiety because of the earlier mentioned things.

It sucks a bit because I got to know the neighbors kids towards the end. We went over there a lot for food and company. Their daughter, whom I can not remember the name of, invited me over to go to Barra Grande, another part of the island to use the internet. We had already gone earlier, but I went because of the invite. After about a week of not talking to him, it felt good to finally talk to Dan! Lots of sad news about the rats and our Oregon trip is bust. I hate rattery politics. I cannot believe there is any at all. Ridiculous elitest people. Faile, Boo, Nanieave and Foofoo all died. I saw that Faile had a tumor before I left, but I did not expect her to go so soon. Boo was very skinny and Nani had head tilt so I was expecting them. What really crushed me was Foofoo, my dwarf girl passing. Awful news.

Even though we have been in Brasil for awhile, this felt like our first REAL day here. We went out as a family and did things. We visited Tia Regi today, gave her gifts and checked out old photo albums. I got to take lots of photos of old photos of my family. Lots of my mom´s father, Jayme. Afterwards we went to the mall and walked around. Need to make a list of stuff I want to buy to get the best pries. SO many gists I want to get too!

FINALLY we went to the beach. Oh yes! We swam in the ocean at the island, but swimming in the clear Praia do Barra is amazing! Warm water and fun waves. I want to get a couple sarongs and a girl pair of havaianas! Wrapped up the night seeing my Uncle Dan and his partner Michael.

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Brasil Trip [09 Jul 2009|02:39pm]
[ mood | excited ]


Been lazying around. Watching TV, eating, sitting in the hammock, swimming in the ocean and making up stupid jokes with my brother. We are such dorks when we´re exhausted, bored and together. Our most recent is this stupid head tilt, pretending we´re octopi. Eric says he is afraid of them because they gave him the stare down at the aquarium.

I have read almost 300 pages in the book and I am really enjoying it. I am not sure if I am reading it so much because it reminds me of Dan or because I am really sucked in. Very slow storyline, but I love the characters. I am so anxious for so many characters to enter and for so many things to happen. The three heroes are very disappointing at this point. Whiney little boys.

Even without my bias, Perrin is quickly becoming my favorite character as well as Egwene. He seems the least whiney and most level headed. I can´t help but connect with Egwene. I wish these boys were MY friends! This is the first book in a really long time that has made me actually care about the characters and want to be a part of that world. That sounds absurdly cheesy, but Robert Jordan did an incredible job creating the world they live in.

We walked the beach and saw a sea cucumber. It was long and yellowish and looked sort of weird to say the least. Mom tried to squish it to make it pee, but it just seemed uncomfortable. Poor guy. We also saw weird fat, green/yellow slugs that ate sea weed. They had spots all over them and were pretty much cooler than the sea cucumber.

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Brasil Trip [01 Jul 2009|09:19pm]
[ mood | energetic ]


Today was a really good day! Mom, Eric and I all went swimming. Nausea is gone! We lit some more fireworks. I have fallen in love with Leoleo. He is too cute. He is my Angel while we are away from home. While I had been reading in the hammock, he has hopped up and snuggled in my lap until he falls asleep. It is so absurding cute.

I was tol I have a "boca de sapu", which means I have the mouth of a frog/toad. It is because I have a really wide, big mouth, but I found that hillarious. My uncle was joking and my aunt yelled at him and told me not to listen to anything he said. Speaking of frogs, while we were sitting outside I felt somethinhg land on me. I freaked out, but it trned out to be a tiny frog! Too cute! I found out my mom is afraid of frogs, even though it was tiny.

I was also told that I look a lot like my great grandmother, who was Russian. In the same breath, however, they also said she was incredibly intimidating and could scare anyone. Complement or no?

Started burying myself in The Eye of the World. Very very slow book.

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Brasil Trip [01 Jul 2009|08:59pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]


I thought today was going to be another shitty long day, but I can say today was a lot better. Another long drive and a boat ride to the island. Once we got to the island we swam in the ocean (first time since I have been in Brasil!) and ate feijoada (beans and rice) for dinner. I was really happy. It took too long to get us into the water. The water off the island was nice and pretty clear.

We rested in hammocks, lit fireworks and laughed as Leoleo, the male weiner dog, tried to hump Eric´s leg, the pillows and everything else he could get ahold of. He would bite onto Eric´s pants and try and hold him still so he could mount him. It took us forever to figure out what he was doing!

The island is really beautiful, but I do not look forward to the trip back. Driving for 2 hours, ferry for an hour, driving for 2 hours and then 45 minutes of boat. A bit much after our million hour flight. I am glad we will be here for awhile so I can finally rest. The beds are SOFT!

On a cheesy note - I keep thinking about Dan! Today is before our anniversary and our 2 1/2 is coming up. Damn I miss him. I love him and all his stubborn, difficulties. Every Oi! phone and Lan house remind me of him. I tried to call from my cell phone since it switched to international, but it didn´t work. I can´t wait to get ahold of him!

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Brasil Trip [01 Jul 2009|08:36pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]


Still nauseas. It is coming and going, but still here a lot of the time. We rushed out of the house today like mad to get a ride with my Tio Jan to go to Valencia, an island. We are going there before we head to another island to celebrate Sao Joao.

I am still pretty crushed about Dan. I feel stupid admitting, but a part of me is scared that the deep longing I am feeling inside me is not returned on his part. I would love to have him with me. It really surprised me that he did not even write one message to me. I thought i´d have a couple.

Today was generally a bad day. We rushed out the door and into a packed 5 person car with: my uncle, aunt, mom, Pedrinho (second cousin), Eric, myself and 2 weiner dogs. The trip was long, bumping and I hit my head on the roof of the car a lot. Shit kept falling from the back onto my head, which including a dog bed and a fishing pole. Because of the holiday each place we stopped at gave samples of the seasonal liqors and my mom and aunt both got some while we drove. Each bump sent the alcohol onto me and my brother.

After the drive we checked out my uncles gas station...for 4 hours. I literally sat at a table doing nothing. It was awful.

Finally we went to our hotel and the beds were ROCKS. Great. More shitty sleep. I have been taking advil for my back because of the pain. Mom invited me to pizza, but I didn´t want to be crammed in the car anymore. I stayed home, curled in bed and cried until I fell asleep.

Looking back at the situation and having finished with it, it was actually pretty funny. Brasil is the only place where 6 Brasilians and 2 dogs can be pulled over by the cops, told to slow down and then go speed off again with alcohol and fireworks and without seat belts.

On another amusing note: When I had my bikini wax I was taking off my shorts like normal and went to lay down on the mat with my underwear on. The lady looked at me and told me to drop my panties. I just about DIED of horror. I have never done that before. Eesh. Horribly embarassing.

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Brasil Trip [29 Jun 2009|06:39pm]
[ mood | tired ]


Today I woke up groggy. I still had a stomach ache, which I assumed was from the awful sleep I have been having these past couple days. Lucky for me it is gone tonight and hopefully for the rest of the trip. When Eric asked how many bites I had, I responded with "mosquitos don´t like my blood". After my shower I realised I had... a million. Some in the weirdest places: my hand, big toe, forehead, side of my nose.

We had breakfast. I love bread, cheese and ham for breakfast. I would like to do more of that with my family and less of bacon and eggs. Yesterday my aunt gave my mom a hard time for not bringing Dan. She really likes him. My mom even admitted that she wished he was here and that he would have been really good company. I think so. Next year hopefully!

We wanted to go to the beach today, but there was a change in plans because Tio Jan wanted us to come to his house on an island for Sao Joao. That should be fun, but I would certainly prefer if we had some time to rest beforehand. Still so tired and always moving. We went to Belles and I had a couple coxinha´s. They are pretty much amazing. Fried batter with cheese and chicken.

TOOK MY FIRST SHOWER. Oh geez I needed that. I did mention it earlier, but it was glorious enough to be mentioned again.

Also called Dad and went online. I was expecting to have tons of flair, e-mails and messages from Dan, but there was NOTHING! Talking to Lauren really cheered me up, but I have to say that really depressed me for a bit. On a much more painful note: BIKINI WAX! So smooth! <3

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BRASIL: Note to Self [29 Jun 2009|06:36pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

1.) Do not flush paper down the toilet

2.) One water setting for showers = COLD

3.) Do not drink the water

4.) Cabellu = hair :: Pellu = pubic hair

5.) Brasilian beds = ROCKS

6.) I will never learn how to spell. Coxinha = kosh-een-ha

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Brasil Trip [29 Jun 2009|06:25pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]


Our second plane ride was even worse than the first. I have never had so many problems before. My nausea was to the point of feeling like I was going to throw up. Bleah. I didn´t though. There was one point where I was holding the throw up bag in my hand, but was so exhausted I just fell asleep, with my head rested on the back of the seat in front of me. I woke up totally confused and still holding the bag. Lots and lots of waiting. My legs are sore from standing so much and walking all over the place. The plane was roughly 7 hours and we arrived in Salvador at 8:30am.

I had caju/orange juice when we got the airport. Too yummy. Brasil has such better fruits than the United States. My Tia Jane picked us up. She was very talkative and I tried to keep up. I felt so out of it after the plane ride though. I still feel off. Haven´t quite adjusted yet.

We went to Bom Preco (good price) and got some groceries. Oh how I missed the food! We got tons of fruit. Tons of mango, passion fruit, papaya. Mmm! <3 We are staying at my mom´s best friend´s apartment. It is HUGE. Eric and I are sharing a room and there are 4 beds to choose from. I was pretty upset we wouldn´t be able to stay at Villas, but this place actually feels pretty comfortable.

After shopping we went to my aunts and had feijoada (beans and rice). Very yummy. I was pretty much starving since I slept through all of the meals on the plane. After eating I was exhausted, but mom did not want us to sleep until night because our shcedules would be messed up. While it was not as late as she would have liked, when we got home we laid down and crashed for 7 hours straight. Mom tried to wake us up 3 times with no sucess.

We finally woke up at 10pm and walked around our neighborhood. There is this tree on the corner with nectar and a ton of tinytiny fruit bats fly at it all crazy to drink. Super cute. We got some kibe and pineapple juice and headed home again. I feel silly with how much I miss Dan. I wish he were here.

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Brasil Trip [25 Jun 2009|05:16pm]

After a long and agonising experience at the airport we were finally boarded onto our plane. SF to Miami. Roughly 5 hours and a 3 hour time difference. Getting us there in "8 hours".

The plane ride wasn´t really any different than normal, except for some extra turbulence. For some reason I got the worst nausea ever. Had to buy some medicine when I got to Fl. Both to sleep and cure my stomach ache. Neither of them worked, but perhaps because I took them both within a short period of time from one another?

5 hour layover. The flights are more direct, but this is the longest layover we have had yet. So far my family is getting along surprisingly well. Hopefully things continue this way.

I was just reading my earlier part of this journal from ´03. It was the "Ian trip" where he started dating Kathy. I was miserable that entire trip. I made everyone else miserable as well, apparently. I do not actually remember too much. I felt really guilty after reading my journal. I feel like I need to make an extra effort so our current trip does not end up that way.
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xoxo [05 Jun 2006|11:45pm]
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.
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